PARADIGM Training Program

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The University of Florida is a leader in the discovery and implementation of precision medicine.
Genomic medicine is a critical component of precision medicine.

UF seeks doctorally prepared clinicians and researchers who are poised to lead the next generation of scientists into an era where genomic medicine approaches are a routine part of patient care. The Program for Applied Research and Development in Genomic Medicine, or PARADIGM, is funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Human Genomic Research Institute and will prepare trainees to be leaders in genomic medicine research and implementation. Trainees will receive didactic training tailored to their needs, extensive mentoring from world-renowned scientists, valuable clinical exposure in multiple areas of genomic medicine and stimulating career development opportunities in a robust, interdisciplinary research environment at UF.

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Trainee Experience

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  • PARADIGM trainees will benefit from a rich
    research training environment at the
    University of Florida.
  • Gain in-depth knowledge in genomic medicine
    and research practices through a comprehensive
    didactic program that includes courses in genomic
    medicine, grant writing, biostatistics and more.
  • Establish a primary research project that will
    support development of manuscripts, grant
    applications and presentations at UF and
    national meetings.
  • Consider an optional M.S. degree (such as M.S. in
    personalized medicine or clinical investigation) or a graduate certificate in precision medicine to enhance training.

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  • PARADIGM trainees will enjoy a wealth of
    interdisciplinary learning opportunities that
    exist at the University of Florida.
  • Benefit from a primary mentor and mentoring
    committee who will guide the trainee through
    the program.
  • Spend at least 80 hours in a clinical genomic
    medicine setting to support implementation
    and broaden perspectives of the field.
  • Receive substantial professional development
    training through exposure to several genomic
    medicine career pathways, seminar series events,
    annual UF research days and attendance at
    national and international meetings.

Review Training Objectives and Measurable Outcomes for PARADIGM

Program Facts

Areas of ResearchGenomic medicine with an emphasis in:
• Pharmacogenomics
• Cancer genomics
• Disease genetics/genomics
Number of Trainees4
Duration of the Program2 years (optional third year) TYPICAL TIMELINE
Openings Per Year2
Eligibility• U.S. citizen or permanent resident status
• Holds doctorate degree
• Preference will be given to those with a clinical doctorate
Priority Application DeadlineFebruary 1, 2022 (Priority will be given to applicants who apply by this date.)
Application DeadlineApril 1, 2022
StipendPaid per NIH Postdoctoral Year Levels

Current and Past Trainees

Trainee Doctoral Degree (Graduation YEar) Mentor Employer and Current position
Rachel Dalton Pharm.D., 2017 Julio Duarte Data Curator, PharmGKB
Karla Claudio Campos Ph.D., 2017 Carol Mathews Medical Science Liaison AbbVie
Cameron Thomas Pharm.D., 2016 Larisa Cavallari Postdoc in the UF College of Pharmacy
Eric Pruitt M.D., 2016 Gilbert Upchurch UF Thoracic & Cardiovascular Surgery Resident
Kelly Herremans M.D., 2017 Alex Parker and Jose Trevino In Training
Andrea Riner M.D., 2017 Alex Parker and Jose Trevino In Training
Lilian Shen D.V.M., 2017 Amara Estrada and Christopher Vulpe In Training
Alexandra Ladd M.D., 2018 Ali Zarrinpar In Training
Richard J Marrero Pharm.D. 2019 Jatinder Lamba In Training

Program Leadership

Dean and distinguished professor

Julie Johnson, Pharm.D.


Johnson, Julie

Dean’s Professor of Epidemiology

Stephen Kimmel, M.D., MSCE


Stephen Kimmel

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to submit the application materials listed below by April 1, 2022.

  • CV
  • Personal statement (In two pages or less, describe your background, interest and experience in genomic medicine and your career goals)
  • Research plan or goals statement (If you are a UF postdoc planning to stay in your current lab, you should describe your primary research project and mentor. If you are not a UF postdoc, please describe which of the three focus areas you are interested in pursuing and the type of project you would like to pursue. Also, please include mentors with whom you would be interested in working.)
  • Three letters of recommendation (mailed by referee to Elizabeth Eddy at the address below)
  • Unofficial transcript (mailed to Elizabeth Eddy at the address below)

Submit Your Application

Questions and Mailing Address

Elizabeth Eddy, M.P.H.
Program Manager
UF College of Pharmacy
1225 Center Drive
PO Box 100486, Office 3308B
Gainesville, FL 32610