PARADIGM Program Timeline

A Typical Timeline for a PARADIGM Trainee

Didactic Research Professional Development
Year 1
Seminar/Journal Club Select mentoring committee Create IDP
Foundational genetics courses and analysis coursework Develop and implement research project Complete detailed grant budget and justification
PET5936: Grant Writing Initiate extramural grant application Attend national scientific meeting
PHA5933: Clinical Applications of Personalized Medicine Have manuscript for submission in progress Other professional development activities (2Bc4)
Year 2
Seminar/Journal Club Submit extramural grant application Mentor undergraduate or graduate student
Complete additional coursework, if needed Submit 2 manuscripts for publication Other professional development activities (2Bc4)
Note: courses and their order determined individually Present research at national meeting Job applications
Year 3 (optional)
Seminar/journal club Submit additional grant application Job applications
Complete additional optional coursework, if needed Submit 2-3 manuscripts for publication Optional professional development activities