PARADIGM Program Timeline

A Typical Timeline for a PARADIGM Trainee



Professional Development

Year 1

Seminar/Journal Club

Finalize mentoring committee in the first three months

Create IDP

Required Coursework

Develop and implement research project

Complete detailed grant budget and justification

Complete required clinical genomics exposures

Initiate extramural grant application

Attend national scientific meeting (plus NHGRI training meeting)

Have manuscript for submission in progress

Optional professional development activities

Year 2

Seminar/Journal Club

Continue execution of research project(s)

Mentor undergraduate or graduate student

Complete additional coursework, if needed

Submit external grant application

Job applications

Participate in additional clinical genomic activities, if desired

Submit 1-2 first author manuscripts for publication

Attend national scientific meeting (plus NHGRI training meeting)

Present research at local and national meetings

Other professional development activities

Year 3

Seminar/Journal club

Submit additional grant application

Job applications

Complete additional optional coursework, if needed Submit 2-3 manuscripts for publication Optional professional development activities