Pioneers in Precision Medicine

For more than a decade, UF Health’s Precision Medicine Program has been at the forefront of genomic medicine research and implementation nationally.

Precision Medicine Programs

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Clinical Services

UF Health is rapidly expanding precision medicine’s role in patient care. The launch of a multi-gene pharmacogenetics panel developed by UF Health Pathology Laboratories will allow clinicians to personalize drug therapy and disease risk assessment around an individual’s genetic profile.

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Research Programs

The University of Florida has been a national leader in both genomic medicine discovery and implementation. Research efforts are focused on developing methods and reducing barriers for using evidence-based genomic information as a routine part of clinical care, starting with pharmacogenomics.

Precision Medicine Research UF

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The era of precision medicine is unfolding fast, and the UF College of Pharmacy offers multiple educational programs to train current and future leaders. Offerings include an online graduate certificate program and master’s degree, a training program for doctorally prepared clinicians and the UF Precision Medicine Conference.

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Graduate Program in precision medicine

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