About Us

For nearly a decade, UF Health’s Precision Medicine Program has been at the forefront of genomic medicine implementation nationally and contributed to a growing evidence base in support of genotype-guided therapy. Under the leadership of its founding directors, Julie Johnson, Pharm.D., and David Nelson, M.D., the program has grown in size and stature to feature a large multidisciplinary team featuring physicians, pharmacists, informaticians and others committed to advancing research and clinical implementation of pharmacogenetic testing. Developed within the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, the program screens a patient’s genetic information to determine whether a specific drug can be used successfully. Clinicians and researchers in the program have led seven clinical implementations for gene-drug pairs, contributed to a growing evidence base in support of genotype-guided therapy and developed multiple education programs that are training current and future leaders in precision medicine.

UF Health Personalized Medicine Program team.

Members of the Team

Advisory Members

Internal Advisory Committee

David Nelson, M.D.

internal advisory committee

Julie Johnson, Pharm.D.

internal advisory committee

Michael Clare-Salzler, M.D.

Precision Medicine – Gainesville


Larisa Cavallari, Pharm.D.

associate director, clinical pharmacogenetics and education

Kristin Wiisanen, Pharm.D.

assistant director, operations

Amanda Elsey, M.H.A.

Associate director, cancer genomics

Thomas George, M.D.

associate director, molecular testing

Petr Starostik, M.D.

associate professor

Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff, Pharm.D., M.S.


Emily Cicali, Pharm.D.

Program coordinator, ignite ii

Erica Elwood, B.S.

clinical program coordinator, moonshot

Elizabeth Eddy, M.P.H.

Precision Medicine – Jacksonville

Director, Precision medicine jacksonville

Alexander Parker, M.D.

associate director, clinical genomics

Pamela Trapane, M.D.

Associate director, cancer genomics

Susanne Ragg, M.D., Ph.D.

Associate director, molecular testing

Brett Baskovich, M.D.

Program coordinator

Kimberly Vigal, M.H.A.