Educational Research

Picture1Preliminary evidence supports incorporation of personal genotype evaluation and case-based teaching as effective strategies to enable learners to improve knowledge and awareness of clinical applications of genetic information. However, data are limited on the potential benefits and utility of such strategies in educating health care students and professionals. To further test this approach, the UF Health Precision Medicine Program is developing courses in which participants have an option to evaluate their own genotype information as part of the learning process, if they desire. The goal of the courses is to provide health professionals and students with the knowledge and skills to use pharmacogenetic information in clinical practice. Genotyping is done by the UF Center for Pharmacogenomics.

Participants will be surveyed before and after each course to determine effects of participating in the course and using their own personal genetic information (as applicable) on their knowledge, attitudes and beliefs surrounding clinical applications of pharmacogenomics. Initial courses included two inter-professional, graduate-level courses for UF Health Science Center students and an online continuing education course for UF Health Family Medicine physicians, pharmacists, and nurses.These novel courses and continuing education programs will be initially offered in the fall of 2014.

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