Program Research

The UF Health Precision Medicine Program at the University of Florida is focused on developing methods and reducing barriers for using evidence-based genomic information as a routine part of clinical care, starting with pharmacogenomics. We are taking a three-pronged approach to research in support of our program goals:

  • Implementation Research: For the program’s clinical implementations, we perform continuous quality improvement by tracking implementation metrics, clinical outcomes, and provider and patient feedback. We closely monitor pre- and post-implementation data within the health-system and targeted patient care areas to identify factors influencing adoption of genomic medicine into clinical care. We are also conducting proof-of-concept studies for new clinical implementations.
  • Education Protocols: To inform educational strategies for health students and professionals in the area of genomic medicine, we are incorporating personal genotype evaluation and a patient-centered, case-based teaching approach to improve participants’ knowledge of clinical applications of genomic medicine. We employ pre- and post-program surveys to assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs surrounding clinical applications of genomic medicine and the effects on learning of personal genotyping.
  • Tissue and Data Bank Protocol: To support future research and the expansion of genomic medicine, we are creating a large genetics data repository.

By studying and publishing on our program’s experience as part of the National Institutes of Health’s IGNITE Genomic Medicine Network, we aim to share lessons learned that can be used by others interested in implementing genomic medicine. In addition, as part of the UF Clinical and Translational Science Institute, our program serves as a model for implementation science at UF Health, in which implementation strategies are developed and piloted at UF Health and then adapted and tested for use in other types of health care settings.

IGNITE Genomic Medicine Network

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IGNITE Genomic Medicine Network

The UF Health Precision Medicine Program is one of six demonstration projects funded through the Implementing Genomics in Practice (IGNITE) Network, a national consortium created by the National Human Genome Research Institute. The network will enhance the use of genomic medicine by supporting the development of methods for incorporating genomic information into clinical care and exploration of the methods for effective implementation, diffusion, and sustainability in diverse clinical settings. In addition to the University of Florida, other projects are at Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Duke University, University of Maryland, Vanderbilt University, and Indiana University. The project sites are working together with a coordinating center at the University of Pennsylvania to develop new methods and projects and disseminate their findings to the public.