Pharmacogenetics Residents

The UF Health Precision Medicine Program’s pharmacogenetics pharmacy residents (PGY2) work closely with the residency program director (Kristin Weitzel, Pharm.D.) and play a central role in the clinical implementation of pharmacogenetic services at UF Health and in the program’s literature evaluation and review process. The residents also have an important role in educating clinicians about pharmacogenetics, and clinical responsibilities in ensuring the appropriate use of pharmacogenetic information for patients. Visit our Pharmacogenetic Pharmacy Residency (PGY2) page to learn more about the program.

PGY2 Pharmacogenetic Residents

  • Dyson Wake, Pharm.D. (2015-16)
  • Miguel Ramos, Pharm.D. (2014-15)
  • Teresa Vo, Pharm.D. (2013-14)
  • Ben Kong, Pharm.D. (2013-14)
  • Aniwaa Owusu Obeng, Pharm.D. (2012-13)